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God's Word Theological Institute offers the opportunity to individuals interested in our Graduate or our Post Graduate Degree Programs who have established themselves in their chosen area and have completed a bachelor's or master's degree level study in their major field or endeavor. They should also have significant experience within the parameters of their clerical life. GWTI considers the completion of a Master's Degree program appropriate academic preparation for admission to the Doctorate by Dissertation program. We follow the British educational model in this respect. At God's Word Theological Institute we believe the individual has "jumped through enough hoops" in the academic arena prior to this point and is now fully prepared to develop a cohesive and comprehensive dissertation. The primary objective of the program is to provide the opportunity for qualified candidates to produce quality dissertations in an academic environment, working independently, while using the theological school as one of many possible resources. No transfer credit shall be applicable toward this degree, neither shall there be any credit for Work experience or life experience. This is an earned degree and the development of a doctoral dissertation is a major and significant life effort.


Admission to the God's Word Theological Institute's Doctorate by Dissertation program is based upon the following criteria:

Individual participants will have completed a recognized Masters level degree. It is appropriate that this degree be in one of the traditional areas of Christian Religious Studies.

Participants should have several years of meaningful professional ministerial experience (i.e., pastoral, chaplaincy, religious education).

The dissertation topic must be religious in nature, appropriate to fundamental Christian Doctrine. Areas of focus may include but are not limited to: Divinity, Theology, Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology, Theory and Practice of Ministry, Biblical Studies, Christian Ethics, Church History, Christian Music, Pastoral Care, Art & Theology, and Christian Spirituality. All, however, must have a firm theological premise upon which they are based.

Topics concerning metaphysics, parapsychology, psychical research, hypnotism, E.S.P., eastern-types of meditation, so-called new-age religious concepts, neo-paganism, humanistic, occultist, and ancient mysticism are not appropriate areas of consideration at GWTI.

Master DegreeParticipants are expected to be proficient in English language skills. Where English is a second language, it is expected that the participant, at their own expense, shall retain such assistance as to allow them to submit well written and prepared materials as long as the original work and thoughts are of their own creation.





The Degree by Dissertation Program is intended for students who are self-motivated and can work independently. As with all programs at God's Word Theological Institute, Degree by Dissertation Program students work with the Dean of Studies who serve as their advisors. There is no direct contact with individual GWTI faculty members. All of our faculty at GWTI are active clergy and this is a part-time ministry for them. They serve mostly as readers of student submissions, and unless they choose otherwise, they remain anonymous to the individual student. Thus there is no particular mentor for a  Post Graduate Degree Program  outside of the Deans. Students work independently, communicating with the Deans throughout the process.


There is no time limit to complete the Degree by Dissertation Program .  However, at each phase of the doctoral process, prior to progressing to the next element, approval from the Theological School is necessary. In order to remain in good standing as an active student, participating degree candidates must demonstrate effective progress toward achieving quality standards at each phase. Being in ongoing contact with the Theological School and the Deans on a regular basis is fundamental to this process.


There is no application fee. Once the student's application has submitted, accepted and student has been admitted to the degree program, a registration fee of $50.00 (Please use PayPal for all donations and payments,)  is required for students that have not previously studied at GWTI. Payment of this fee will be acknowledgement by the student as accepting the God's Word Theological Institute's admission of them to the Doctorate by Dissertation Program which will culminate at its completion with the award of a Post Graduate Degree Program once all work has been accomplished, and all fees and tuition are paid. There is no graduation fee at GWTI for any degree. The diploma is included in the tuition payments. Academic hoods, however, are available at an additional cost.

Once the candidate has been accepted, and has acknowledged that acceptance by paying the registration fee (unless waived for former students), they will be categorized as a Candidate for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Manuscript guidelines for preparation and presentation of the dissertation will be provided to the student when the student has registered as a Doctoral Candidate by payment of the $50.00 registration fee.


Participants pursuing the doctorate degree by dissertation shall complete a three-phase process equivalent to typical work beyond the Master's degree in a traditional doctoral program which shall include

  1. Determination of the Dissertation Topic. In conjunction with the theological school, develop a dissertation topic appropriate for this level of academic achievement. All materials throughout this process should be transmitted to the Director of Studies at

    Areas of focus may include but are not limited to: Divinity, Theology, Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology, Theory and Practice of Ministry, Biblical Studies, Christian Ethics, Church History, Christian Music, Pastoral Care, Art & Theology, and Christian Spirituality.
  2. Submission of Completed Dissertation, Ready for Publication. The rewritten dissertation (20,000 words, double spaced),  is submitted in final form including all front matter as required in the Manuscript Guidelines with proper formatting and including (as appropriate) a summary, conclusions, bibliography and appendices.
  3. Final Approval Degree Award. Once the final dissertation document is submitted, and approved, GWTI will award the student the Doctoral Degree in Theology. This represents the conclusion of the degree process.

No transfer credit shall be applicable toward this degree; neither shall there be any credit for work experience or life experience. This is an earned degree and the development of a doctoral dissertation is a major and significant life effort.


  • Tuition for the  Doctorate Degree Program  at GWTI is $399.00.
  • Tuition for the  Doctorate Degree Program  at GWTI is $499.00.

Payment of $399.00 for the Master Degree program or $499.00 for the Doctorate program is made at the submission of the completed and approved dissertation, ready for publication (element #3 in the Degree Process above.)


Submission of Final, Approved Dissertation.

Upon the participant's completion of the final tasks, submission of the dissertation in publishable form, including completed front matter, abstract, contents, appendices, etc., as well as the receipt of any needed records and documentation, the Theological School will issue a letter of completion to the participant. It will then make preparation for issuance of the transcript of record and diploma certificate once all tuition and fees have been paid.

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He was only thirty-three when the tide of public opinion turned against him. His friends ran away. He was turned over to his enemies and went through the mockery of a trial. He was nailed to a cross between two thieves. While he was dying, his executioners gambled for his clothing, the only property he had on earth. When he was dead, he was laid in a borrowed grave through the pity of a friend. Nineteen centuries have come and gone, and today he is the central figure of the human race and the leader of mankind's progress.

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